Backpacking Gear that Will Bring on Your Travel to Sydney

When you are going to Sydney, it really pays to come prepared especially if you plan on backpacking throughout your whole travel. Backpacking means bringing everything that you need in one bag. Of course, you can always buy the things that you need from online shops like Lazada and Zalora using some Agoda discount code. But since you are moving a lot, it can be a hassle to put a certain address on the mail. This is why you should make a list of things to bring and ensure that your backpack contains all of these items.


Do not forget your passport. It is the most important personal item that you will ever need especially if you are from another country. It is your entry and exit tool to Sydney. It is also the item that you will be using if some authorities ask you for identification and a random postcode check.

When bringing your passport, put it in the main pocket of your backpack. It would be best if it has a particular slot in your bag. Better yet, you can get passport sleeves so that your passport has protection against water and other elements that might damage it. Also, make a copy of your original passport. Even if you lost yours during your travel, it will be easier to secure identification in your embassy.

Pieces of clothing

One thing to keep in mind when bringing clothes is that you should bring light and be smart about it. What are the clothes that do not put much weight on the backpack and do not use much space? You should keep in mind that you are walking almost every day with your clothes in your bag, so much weight of this dating sider can be overwhelming. It is better to bring only the ones that you really need.

Phones and chargers

Two items that you should put in your backpack is your phone and some chargers. You can also put power banks in there somewhere. You need to have a phone because it is useful in a lot of things. It can be used as a map when you get lost. It can be used to withdraw money during emergencies. And you can call somebody if you need help. Bring chargers and power banks so that your phone will have enough battery every day.